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Uvea is a vascular coat of Eye and can be affected by many infections and inflammations occurring elsewhere in the body.

Uveitis is a complex set of diseases that needs systematic planning & knowledge of all body systems.

So do you have eye problems like??

Recurrent Redness and painful eye?

Difficulty in vision?

Intolerance to light?

Are black dots moving inside the eye?


Are you suffering from??

Chronic Back pain?      

Joint pain?

Oral/Genital ulcers?

Fever, weight loss or past TB?

Humming sound in ears?


If Yes, then you may need help from your Uveitis Specialist!!

Yes, You sounded it right.

Even if a problem is somewhere in the body, but it may be connected to your eye. So don’t ignore it.

We at BSEC cater to Uveitis eye care in a stepwise manner. Management includes tailor-made investigations and longer regular follow-up. This has made us achieve a proven track record of satisfactory outcomes.

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