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Cataract and IOL Service

PHACO- Indian+imported lenses, combined surgery with Retina+Glaucoma, SICS

Glaucoma Services

Eye Pressure test, gonioscopy, OCT, Pachymetry, Perimetry, Fundus photo, surgery

Vitreo-Retina Service

Fundoscopy, OCT, Fluorescence Angio, indocyanine green Angio, LASER, surgery,

Diabetic Eye Care

High Blood sugars can damage tiny blood vessels in eye leads to Retinopathy. It also causes early cat

Ocular Trauma

Eye injuries are very dramatic, can be a simple "Black Eye" to sight-threatening problems.

Cornea & Refractive Service

Management of Corneal ulcer, Foreign body, Pterygium, Chemical Injuries, other Corneal disorders

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