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India is the hub for Diabetes Mellitus (DM) patients in the world. Uncontrolled sugars can damage your Kidneys, Brain, Heart, Nervous system, and also Eye. Most people are unaware of the occurrence of blindness due to Diabetes.

Complications of DM in Eye :


Development of Glaucoma    


Frequent changes in glasses


Recurrent lid

infections (stye)


Early Cataract changes

And the most devastating complication is DIABETIC RETINOPATHY which can lead to irreversible blindness.

                 STAGE 1                                     STAGE 2                                    STAGE 3                                     STAGE 4

Our Retina specialist has vast experience in managing such complex cases and preserve vision. Timely treatment with Lasers, Injections, and Surgery can save the Eye.

GLAUCOMA developing as a sequel of Retinopathy is very difficult to control and needs the involvement of Glaucoma and Retina specialists simultaneously.

You can trust our services for such advanced problems

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